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About Us

Agape Prayer House
A Christ-Centered Bible-Based Ministry 


Our hope and prayer is that, thru Biblicial truth's and principals, we may enlighten individuals with the wisdom and tools useful in breaking the bondage of negative strongholds in the mind, body and spirit.  

 We offer support, encouragement and re-direction for spiritual and emotional wellness aligned with personal faith.  By applying and exercising the Word of God in everyday life, you will find yourself equipped with the skills and methods to overcome obstacles interfering with ones ability to find inner peace.       

A transformational journey beginning with a deep desire and a willing heart,
inviting God's prompting and leading, moving towards true recovery and full restoration.

Heal from the inside out

Do you find yourself questioning life's events, situations, circumstances?  Not sure why things happen the way they do?  Discover your answers in the Word of God, YES... the Bible.  
Absorbing and embracing what the Bible offers thru evidence of God's unfailing, unlimited love, will fill you with a deeper sense of comfort, security and acceptance.  Learning how to handle strife in todays world can be a challenge but finding strength in God's opinion of you will restore you to your true identity.  Knowing who you are as a child of God can help you to turn  'weapons fashioned against us' into tools for prosperity,  and sorrowful tears into joyful song!  Empower yourself from within thru the boundless grace of God. 
Come and share time with us as we embrace God's presence over our lives by simply learning how to approach Him in confidence as precious, delicate sheep.... hearts so tender, and with such a longing to experience the true love of God in the deepest depths of our souls.


   You might have heard ABOUT God....... 
                                    ... but have you heard
FROM God? 

 You might have spoken 
OFJesus ....... 
                                     ...but have you spoken
TO Jesus?

You might KNOW the Holy Spirit lives in you.........
                                    ... but have you 
EXPERIENCED the Holy Spirit living in you?


Join us at our bi-weekly gathering and find what it is that God has for you. We are all equal in the eyes of God and no one man or woman is greater than another. We are all entitled to the great and wonderful love and affirmation that only God can offer in the fullness we desire and need to feel whole and complete.

We begin with heart opening uplifting music, spend a few moments in silence making room for that inner peace to unfold, then we take a peek into the Bible to discover and confirm God's love for us, and His plan and purpose for our lives.

Whether you're just beginning or already seasoned, this is a great time to draw in all that God longs to give us in 'spirit and truth'.   Experience His presence, it's available for each of us!  The comfort, peace and joy it brings will slowly change you from within and stir your desire to reach for all that you believe you can be in this life here on earth.   Jesus already lives in your heart and wants to reveal Himself to you........will you allow Him?



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